The Importance of tourism for Egypt

Tourism you can say is the backbone of the Egyptian economy, the Egypt visa requirements have been made just too easy and simple for this purpose. Tourism has a staggering portion of around 15 % of the total GDP. It is contributing to the employment of millions of Egyptians around the country. The  Egypt visa on arrival has now been restricted due to the inconvenience, and the online Visa for Egypt is the best option. You can fulfill all the visa specifications before your arrival in the country. 


This is best for smooth travel to the country, and every tourist wants this, and the tourists also plan their tour accordingly, as they can apply for the multi-entry visa, which enables them to tour the country many times within 180 days or 6 months time. The Egyptian government is trying its best to provide the best facilities to the tourists coming all around the world. The main reason for tourism in the country is the magical history of the country, which is the main theme of many Hollywood movies.


In this article, we are discussing, how tourism is the backbone of the Egyptian economy:


Tourism and Egyptian economy:

You can say the Egyptian economy is tourism-based, as we are not considering the connected industries, with the tourism industry. It includes the Hoteling industry and the Food Chain industry, these industries have huge volumes and are directly connected with the tourism industry. 


But still, if you want to estimate the volume of the Tourism industry, then it can be amazing for you, the tourism industry occupied 15 % of the total GDP of the Egyptian economy in 2018 and it has reached 174.1 billion EGP, and it has increased 124 % as compared to 2017. The tourism sector is one of the main sources of employment in the country.


Tourism is the main source of employment in the country, and it was estimated around 3.1 million people are employed in the tourism industry, which is quite amazing and it is around 9.5 % of the total workforce of Egypt in 2018. The trend is always increasing and it is never going to stop, the current Corona pandemic has restrained it, but now it is gaining momentum.


The tourism industry in Egypt:

Egypt visa requirements have been made easy, as tourism is the main source of the foreign reserve for the Egyptian economy. It is the main source of employment and the connected industries like hoteli9ng and the food industry. 


The tourism coming in the country is the essence for the Hoteling industry, which is also good support for the trembling Egyptian economy. You have heard of the inflation in Egypt, and the tourism industry is helping the economists to keep the economy on the right track.


You can fulfill the Egypt visa requirements, the Egyptian visa authorities are always trying to allow you entry into the country. Tourists do wonder,  How to get a visa for Egypt? It is just too simple to get as all you need is a valid Passport and a valid email address. You can easily get a Visa for Egypt. 

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