How Many Calories Should I Eat?

The measure of energy that any food or drink contains is basically regarded as calories. Balanced consumption of daily intake of calories mainly changes according to age. Other factors such as metabolism and levels of physical activity, among other things are also taken up into consideration. In general, daily calorie consumption is 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,500 in the case of men. For further assistance, you can use an online tdee calculator by that helps you to calculate tdee instantly.


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Factors Affecting The Calorie Intake:

The Consumption of calories in terms of the amount of energy you require largely depends upon a few factors. Mainly, your age plays the most important role. For instance, developing and growing toddlers and teenagers require more energy than toddlers. You can also measure your energy by using the total daily energy expenditure calculator. Then comes your lifestyle.


Calories intake also need to take into account that how you live. Rather a drab and slow life or an active one. Your body weight and size are also taken into consideration. Sometimes we need to take up more calories in order to balance our body system. It is because some hormones work to decrease our calorie levels in the body. These diminished levels need to make up. Therefore, more calories are eaten according to the requirement.


Similarly, sometimes it is necessary to cut short the intake of caloric food. This is because of the excessive amount of calories already present in the body. We must take into account all the factors which affect our calorie intake. In case you find it difficult, try using a free online tdee calculator by

Determination of Age and Sex For The Requirement of Calories on Daily Basis:

First, it is needed to determine the age and sex. After determination of both, one can easily know about the intake of calories. Mainly, the number of calories a woman should consume lies between 1,600 calories per day to 2,400 calories in a day, whereas, men should consume almost 22,00 to 32,00 calories in a single day necessarily. A better approximation could be got using an online tdee calorie calculator.


But these ranges may be changed. It also includes some factors such as being more active, expecting, or even breastfeeding. When it comes to teenagers, the activity level fairly rises. Therefore, girls are advised to consume almost 16,00 to 2200 calories per day while boys are asked to intake 2,000 to 2,600 calories in a day. These ranges fluctuate according to sex and age. That is why we prefer you to maintain a balance in your diet by using a free tdee calculator.

Calories Consumption to Loose and Gain Weight:

If anyone wants to lose his/her body weight about 1 pound every week, he/she must eat 500 fewer calories a day. Or can also burn these calories amounts by doing some exercise. But you must take into consideration that your calorie level should not fall below 1,200. For a proper estimation, you should use an online tdee calculator.


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