Which is better Instagram or YouTube?

As you all know that today’s era is going on on social media platforms. And we have made social media a part of our life so that we can do our work easily. So today there is more interest in using and popularizing your own social media platform.

So let’s now talk about who is better on Instagram and YouTube. Then I want to tell you. Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. This tells us that Instagram is a high-quality social media. And also YouTube is a huge social network in terms of video platforms. Then we can consider both better.

Because Instagram is more popular in terms of short videos. And in comparison, YouTube is ahead of Instagram in the quality of longer videos. So we can’t say that Instagram is better than YouTube. Or is YouTube better than Instagram, both are better in their respective places. So we should use both these social media platforms and take advantage of them.

How to become famous on Instagram?

As you all know that Instagram is a free social media platform. Which keeps you satisfied in every way. In the same way, if we want to be famous on Instagram. So for this, we need to work hard. But it is not that easy to do, for this, we have to understand Instagram properly. Then somewhere we will be able to make ourselves famous on Instagram.

So let’s now talk about how to become famous on Instagram. Then I want to tell you that to become famous on Instagram, we have to complete a lot of activities. After doing this, we will connect with the famous personality on Instagram. For this, you have to follow the steps given below so that you can easily become famous on your Instagram.

find your niche

If you want to make your Instagram account famous. Then you have to decide your niche for that because Instagram is a popular social media platform. So we have to decide our own category. By which we do all the activity of following the same category and niche inside our Instagram account.

keep your bio fresh

Keeping your bio fresh means that you should not have any such bio on Instagram. This looks very strange to see because bio is also very important in Instagram. Because unless you put an attractive bio in your Instagram account. Till then your Instagram engagement will be low. So we should also focus on bio to make our Instagram account popular.

Use a personal profile photo

As you all know that everyone on Instagram recognizes you by your profile photo. That’s why we should put only our real profile photos on our Instagram. So that if you have put someone’s logo then anyone can easily recognize you. That’s why people will not be able to reach you, so if we want to be famous on our Instagram account. So you have to put your personal profile photo.

make your account public

If you want to make your Instagram account famous. Then you have to delete your Instagram account from private to public. So that your Instagram account becomes public and people can easily recognize you and see your posts easily.

Create the content on trending topics

If you have started uploading the post to your Instagram. So I want to tell you that the easiest way to become famous on Instagram is to create your own post on trending topics, if you create your post on trending topics on Instagram, you can easily create your Instagram account somewhere that can make you famous.


As we have told you about how to become famous on Instagram. After knowing which you will surely become popular on Instagram easily. But for this, you will have to work a lot on your Instagram account. So today we are giving you Instagram services inside social media services. Inside which we are giving you Buy Instagram Views India. Which you will be able to promote and boost your Instagram account easily.

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