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How To Choose The Ideal Sofa For Your Living Room

Since your living room is the space in your house where you spend the maximum time with your family, a sofa set for the living room becomes an important purchase. 

Paying attention to a few pointers before buying a sofa set for living room can save you lots of time, energy as well as get you a good sofa price. A sofa set for your living room is a décor statement and you have to decide what vibe you want to go with — Contemporary or classic? Vintage or  royal? Bold or laid back? 

Once you make up your mind as to what kind of overall effect you want, here are the other things to watch out for:


Layout and Placement:

Take into account the size and space of your living room. The measurements would help you identify the ideal length, width and height for your sofa set for living room. If you are planning for a sectional couch (these come at a higher sofa price, identify the RHS (right hand side) and LHS (left hand side) placement. You should visualise the positioning of the sofa — does it provide for enough room to display other artifacts and accommodate the existing furniture?



A sofa set for living room is usually multi-functional, whether you want to binge watch movies, take a power nap, or have an extended gaming session. You can choose between sectional sofas or sofa cum beds, futons, and recliners based on your needs. 

Recliners require space to stretch so take your measurements accurately. Ensure that you have enough room to move around even when a sofa cum bed is opened completely. Do remember that the fancier your choice, the higher your sofa price.



Cushions should be firm yet comfortable. They should provide good support to your back along with that sink-in feeling, but most importantly they should retain their shape. Modern cushioning comes in varying qualities such as Firm, Extra Firm, Medium and Soft. You should pick one according to the requirements of your family.


Fabric Vs Leather Vs Artificial Leather:

Your sofa price also varies with the choice of the upholstery fabric. The key words here are quality, stain-resistant and upkeep. Your sofa upholstery should complement the overall look of your living room. Velvet is plush and expensive. Leather requires maintenance but is classic and sophisticated. Also consider investing in sofa covers if you have kids around. 


Colour and Décor:

While choosing the colour of your sofa set for living room, always pick a neutral shade palette that works with most decors and interiors. The chances are that your walls will see a fresh coat of paint sooner than you buy a new sofa. 

If you are aiming for popping colours, combine rules of colour blocking or, better still, go for a statement piece. With little ones around, go for darker tones. Also, if you have pets, fur-attracting fabrics like tweed or velvet are totally ruled out.


Sit-in height:

Higher seating height makes getting up easier. Do you have tall, short or older people around? Though the standard seating height is 18 inches, most sofas have varying seating height between 8-24 inches. Try out your sofa set for living room before you invest in it.



Your sofa’s armrest should be firm and sturdy. Replacing armrests isn’t usually an option so choose a sofa that has armrests you find comfortable. Don’t ignore the nails, staples and glue used for extra support.



While investing in the best sofa set for living room, durability should be a priority. Your sofa set should ideally last you for many years. Thus, look for sofa sets made of sturdy hardwood frames as their primary material. Also check out if your chosen sofa is held together with wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, or metal brackets.



The denser the sitting foam, the longer a sofa will last and retain its comfort and shape. You can choose from moulded foam, hollow fill fiber, feathers, and cold cured foam. Your sofa price will vary based on the foam type you choose and the inclusion of additional features like anti-allergenic materials.


Weather and placement:

If you live by the seaside, the humidity may not do your leather sofa set any good. The same goes for the placement of sofa in your living room. If some part of your sofa is by the window or closer to the patio door, the sunlight may fade out the fabric and leather. 

If you have a fluid indoor/outdoor situation, teak is a good option, especially when combined with wicker, as these materials are durable, low maintenance and all-natural.



Keeping in mind all the above tips, make a list of the basic requirements and secondary features you want in your sofa set for living room. The sofa price must be justified in terms of worth and value. If debating between going local vs branded, note that the latter will cost you more as they have warranties and buy back options. Some even cover transportation costs.may be you are interested in King Von Autopsy Photo & Net Worth 2022

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