How do you choose the right payroll software for small businesses?

Contrary to the commonly held beliefs about small companies tending to be hesitant to adopt enterprise software programs, the fact is that SMBs are avid software users. IDC estimated that the total amount of SMBs and SMEs on IT to rise to $676 billion in 2021. This is only fair. Business software solutions can help ease most business processes, providing aid to the smart business owner.

But, if it’s not selected correctly, the software for business could be inefficiently used, not meeting a specific need or forcing business owners to overspend on functions they don’t need.

The following article will examine popular payroll software designed for small-sized businesses. I will also offer simple tips for choosing the right payroll software for small business.

What is the reason for payroll software?

If you’re an SMB owner, you recognize the necessity to manage your payroll efficiently. It’s not just about making sure your employees are paid promptly and helping you maintain the image of a business owner that you can recommend. It’s about preventing you from the pitfalls you could be facing due to incorrect tax filing and other issues. Find out more about how payroll management can benefit your company by considering recent trends.

Typically, at the end of the year, businesses look over the work they have done and evaluate their results. Also, it’s an excellent idea to look over business procedures and the effectiveness of the tools employed by the business to determine if there’s a need to alter certain tools to meet their needs in the business.

We looked at several small-business reviews of payroll software and selected the top five payroll software for small businesses to determine what business requirements they are the best for.

A look at payroll applications for small-sized businesses:

To understand how businesses can get the most out of the solutions they choose, I looked into various alternatives, such as usability user-friendliness, the range of features offered, pricing and much more. So let’s start with the options.


Gusto provides a broad range of features, including the calculation of payroll benefits, auto deducts and file-offs onboarding and hiring tools, time tracking for employees and management, and many more. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is easy to navigate. Additionally, there’s a great deal of automation and a comprehensive list of integrations to the most well-known accounting software such as time-tracking and time-tracking, as well as several business-related apps that are useful, such as Synder.

The variety of options makes Gusto an ideal choice for small companies of all dimensions and industries.

The main benefits are the good automation and a wide range of custom reports, a great customer experience and mobile accessibility.

In terms of negatives, the dashboard can perform slowly, and users may point out a weak dashboard.


Payroll in QuickBooks:

It is a payroll processing solution provided by Intuit specifically created for small companies. So naturally, it is compatible in conjunction with QuickBooks Online, one of the most well-known SMB accounting software. QuickBooks Payroll features auto-payroll, an easy setup process, easy integration TSeets and several third-party HR tools. It is a simple and user-friendly interface and navigation. However, the portals for employees are not very good, and many users acknowledge that the online help files aren’t enough detailed.

QuickBooks Payroll might be the ideal choice if your company is small and, of course, even if you’re already using QuickBooks for your accounting.

The most notable benefits are accessibility, ease of use, installation, and integration with accounting.

Square Payroll:

The payroll service offered by Square provides full-service online payroll for small companies, including employee benefits and sick pay and automated tax filings in one location. It is also possible to keep track of employees’ tomes using the Timecard option and pay your employees faster by enabling instant payments using the funds stored within your Balance to pay your team quicker. However, the application cannot offer the range of reports and earning options are restricted.

It covers basic payroll requirements for small-sized businesses to need to meet. However, if your company is involved with different Square products, such as POS and online payment, It is possible to look at this payroll solution since it is a good fit with Square applications.

In the list of positives, affordable prices, unlimited payrolls and the contractor-only option could be mentioned.

Insufficient reporting and a lack of earning kinds can be the main disadvantages.

Patriot Software Full Service Payroll:

Payroll software from Patriot provides all of the fundamental tasks of payroll administration, which include creating employee records and payroll run processing. It also determines deductions and contributions and submits payroll tax automatically. The service assists in setting up that creates a fantastic user experience. Additionally, it has an integrated accounting site that can provide basic accounting services for less than 20 employees.


OnPay is a cloud-based payroll and HR software that permits payroll managers to make complete employee records and create unlimited monthly payrolls. It offers a range of fully customizable report templates that are easily edited and displayed. In addition, it can handle the calculation and payments tax on all wages. The dashboard is also comprehensive for HR documents, document vault electronic onboarding documentation, and portals for employees.

Use UBS HRMS for one of the excellent payroll management systems. UBS HRMS is a once-only procedure that can help you to be at to pull out of payroll management system. Well, acquire a demo with us and go over your payroll system! As grouping assists you with several tasks in the large icon, robotics in HRMS will create it all the most straightforward way for you.

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