How to Develop an App for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The market of the IoT app industry is estimated to hit $75 Billion in 2025 while the current revenue stats is $35.8 Billion in the first quarter of 2021.

The question is why this industry is so high on figures?

The simple reason is that IoT comprises a lot of technologies to make daily activities fast and comfortable.

However, it also has some downfalls. Security is one of the biggest issues.

But because of so many advantages, many companies and entrepreneurs have come up regularly with new solutions using IoT.

The mobile app development company affects the lives of millions of people. Some of the best IoT apps created are Nest, Blossom, Whistle, etc.

Let’s understand more how they have created the app in the IoT technology and what parameters they have considered while building the app.

How to Create an App in IoT?

Mobile industry has come along with many seamless solutions using IoT technology. For example, a smartwatch for monitoring the daily activities of the child and to be in his touch. Many other apps built using IoT are:

Nest; one-stop smart automotive solution for homes. Control everything using it including light, temperature, doorbells, alarm system, etc.

Blossom; this app helps the farmers for agriculture and the authorities to monitor the weather and schedule the water dripping.

Whistle; keep track of the walk of your pet. GPS-enabled IoT devices help to control every footstep of your pet.

IoT is offering solutions to every field of the industry. Whether you look for smart cars or smart homes or smart wearables. IoT has marked its place so well in recent years.

The process to begin the app in the IoT platform needs basic structure, components, features, security, and many more things.

  • Choose the Right Platform

The platform is the top thing to be concerned about for building the IoT app. The technical team has to look at the technicalities and cost specifications before choosing the suitable platform to go with.

Some of the strong IoT support platforms are Android Things, HomeKit, ThingWorx, Ubidots, Azure IoT Suite, Oracle, IBM Watson, and Kaa.

Apple HomeKit uses the voice assistant to perform functioning like light on and off, increase the temperature of the home, and other important functions.

Android Things or Google IoT platform, connect with the IoT devices and guidelines to create the app in IoT.

Platforms like Android Things and Google HomeKit give access to outside users using third-party APIs.

Note: Make sure that the platforms are authentic and well tested.

  • Think About Scalable Solution

Scalability is the must-have solution to reach millions of people.

Data storage is a big concern. IoT apps are based on using online data. Cloud technology is the solution to handle multiple data collected from the resources.

The app functionality is important for the user who will go to use your IoT application development services.

  • Pick the Right Hardware

Pick up the right hardware from the outsourcing.  For example, the right sensor is a measurement device that meets with requirements of your IoT device like smartwatches, smart glasses, etc.

Servers and routing devices are efficient in giving a reliable network solution. Other hardware plugins mostly used are pressure, temperature measuring, speedometer, etc.

Connection accuracy for hardware is another crucial concern.

Note: Always choose trusted hardware devices from the vendors. Else there can be a hit of vulnerabilities caused in the middle.

  • Take Care of the Speed

Performance is the crucial factor that needs to be concerned.

People buy smart cars for the sake of their comfort. Smart cars are derived from IoT components. Suppose in the middle of the journey if your car disconnect to follow your instructions. Then what would happen?

That is the reason why the IoT-enabled solutions are flawless to perform.

No doubt, speed, and performance are the top priority to focus on.

  • Security Is the Major Concern

There should be some standard to be followed by the IoT mobile app development company to develop the product.

IoT devices are connected with millions of data sets of users. At the same time, a large number of devices are connected in real-time.

If the system is not secured, possibilities are that the hacker can attack in the loophole from multiple end-points.

The system should be built in such a way as to limit the attack from distributed points.

Else these attacks can expose private and confidential data.

Note: Use encryption, two-way authentication, obfuscation, and other methods for reducing the security breach.

On wrapping, the total cost to develop the app in IoT technology is going around $70k to $1 lakh. It’s a little high compared to the app built on other technologies.


With the extent of sophistication, amount of the data involved, level of connectivity to reach the lives of many people day by day; IoT is the real ideal for the industry.


People are closely connected with the IoT apps. So, user experience is a must-have to keep in mind. Your app should give a level of comfort and satisfaction to the users to make them more habitual on it.

So, research well for the target audience and their usage. Knowing the blank gaps would edge more value of your app.

If you want your app in similar technology, you can ask for consultation with reputable IoT application development companies that have built customized solutions for the businesses.

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