Streaming platforms nowadays enjoy a high boom among people, so it can be considered a revolution in the traditional way of watching television. Currently, series, documentaries and movies are distributed through online platforms on demand. However, although it is not yet well known, the same is happening in the world of video games, with the rapid advancement of technology and now on the rise the streaming of video games.


Streaming technology allows users to play online, but the speed of the Internet is the number one ally to achieve this. Instead of a computer, mobile or console processor, the remote server processes and restores video game graphics, allowing you to stay connected even with fellow gamers on the other side of the world.


For example, Twitch is the largest live-streaming platform, offering a variety of content such as music, lifestyle, user chat, sports, etc. Millions of people gather on Twitch every day to talk, communicate and create their own entertainment. The main difference with YouTube is that Twitter users do it to watch shows, while YouTube users access social networks for other purposes, such as watching tutorials, listening to music, watching videos, etc.

Recently, it even turned out that Netflix would like to expand its participation by launching video game streaming on its app starting in 2022. As part of a document or movie, the video game will have its own part. In fact, the following video games are already available in Spain: ‘Stranger Things: 1984’, ‘Stranger Things 3: The Game’, ‘Card Blast’, ‘Teeter Up’ and ‘Shooting Hoops’, although they are few, there is talk of “the beginning of this adventure”.

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