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While in the past you could only take a few pictures on vacation with the family, today it is possible to create entire vacation videos with which all family members will remember the vacation for a long time. But what do you need to create high-quality holiday videos and which videos are particularly popular with viewers?

What do you need to create high-quality holiday videos?

Today, a modern smartphone with a good camera is sufficient to create high-quality holiday videos. Because the picture and sound quality are primarily related to the camera used to record a holiday video.

Smartphone camera:

Smartphone cameras are sufficient in most cases to record holiday videos. When recording longer videos, you should also make sure that there is enough storage space in the internal memory or on the memory card. With most smartphones, you don’t have to worry about the sound when recording videos either, unless you’re in a noisy environment where the sounds overlap.

Digital camera

A digital camera is still the best solution for recording holiday videos today. After all, digital cameras are designed to create photos and videos with them. For this reason, even entry-level cameras that are cheaply available on the Internet are suitable for recording holiday videos. When buying a digital camera, especially with entry-level models, you should make sure that not only the image but also the sound is recorded with a video.

What are the most popular videos with viewers?

Animal holiday videos are always well received. Of course, when the whole family goes on vacation, the family dog has to go with them too, so it also has the opportunity to discover many new and exciting things. Families from the big city who go to the sea on vacation should definitely make a video when their four-legged friend sees the big wide sea for the first time and runs around in the sand with the children. With a holiday video, the whole family can remember this unique experience years later, when the family’s faithful companion was on a beach for the first time.

And other animal holiday videos are always a very special highlight because sometimes you see animal species during a holiday trip that you rarely or never see at home and can show friends and relatives at home in this way.

Post-processing of holiday videos

In order to put the finishing touches on holiday videos, they should not be sent immediately after recording, but rather post-processed first. The online tool FlexClip, which can be used to both edit and convert holiday videos you have created yourself, is suitable for this.

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With the available tools for video editing, individual clips can be edited into a complete holiday video, among other things. Different sections can be separated from each other by transitions and explanations or translations can be added by text overlays. If you don’t want a certain scene in a clip to be in the finished video, you can also easily cut it out and in this way only have memories in your holiday video that you like to remember yourself.


Many different video formats exist today and some playback devices can only play some of them. After you have finished editing your own holiday video, you can then start converting it. The first thing to decide is the format you want, bearing in mind that MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, or MP4 files are limited to a maximum of 500 MB. You can then choose between the compression levels high, medium and low. This decision has an impact on the size of the created video file, which should be considered if you want to send holiday videos to friends and relatives over the Internet.

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